Coat of Arms of Bishop Jones

 Bishop's Coat of Arms

Most Rev Christopher Jones D D
Bishop of Elphin (1994-)


Bishop Jones' home parish of Tulsk (formerly Ogulla and Baslic) has a long history of association with St. Patrick.  It is told that when Patrick and his companions assembled one morning at a fountain near Rathcroghan, Eithne the Red and Fidelma the Fair, daughters of King Loiguire, came down to wash there.  They questioned the saint, who replied that it would be better for them to believe in God than to be so curious.  They asked about God, and he replied:

“Our God is the God of all people, the God of heaven and earth, of sea and rivers, of sun and moon and stars, of the lofty mountain and the lowly valleys, the God above heaven and in heaven, and under heaven; he has his dwelling around heaven and earth and sea and all that in them is.  He inspires all, he quickens all, he dominates all, he supports all”.  (Quote from the Hook of Tirechán 9th century).Then the saint bade them to believe.

This crest depicts at centre-right the baptism of Eithne and Fidelma by St. Patrick.  In the background is Benbulben, the great mountain of Sligo-Leitrim, famed for its mythological links with pre-Christian Ireland. 

Balancing this on centre-left is a representation of the Holy Family, marking the fact that this is the International Year of the Family (1994), and also emphasising the traditional importance of the family in nurturing and handing on the Christian faith.

The anvil is symbolic of St. Asicus, metalworker to St. Patrick, who made him the first Bishop of this diocese, and Abbot of the monastery at Elphin.

Surmounting the entire shield is the Celtic Cross.  This is taken from the High Cross at Drumcliffe, an early Christian monastic site which was founded by St. Colmcille in 575 AD.  The cross there is a sculptured High Cross which dates from the 10th century.

The motto underneath reads  “Fiat Mihi”.  This means “be it done unto me” and is part of the response of Our Lady to the Archangel Gabriel when he announced to her that she was chosen to be the Mother of God.  These words express the spirit that should inspire all Christians in their response to God’s will.


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