Diocesan Liturgy Commission

Every Christian community is called to become an effective sacrament of Christ, an evermore vibrant community eager to praise and thank God more fervently.    The task of the Elphin Diocesan Liturgy Commission is thus one of building up the body of Christ by helping to further the proper sense, knowledge and appreciation of Christian liturgy among all the people of God, especially as they gather to celebrate the Eucharist with the spirit and enthusiasm of a living Christian community.


Representatives of the Elphin Pastoral Planning Group, Pastoral Council, Council of Priests and Liturgy Commission with Bishop Jones and Martin Kennedy (Facilitator) during their three-day meeting in St. Angela's College, Lough Gill, Sligo, August 2008

In accordance with Vatican II’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (1963), # 41 - 45, and the Sacred Congregation of Rites’ Instruction Inter Oecumenici (1964) # 47, the Elphin Commission shares with Bishop Jones the following responsibilities:

  1. to be fully informed on the state of pastoral-liturgical action in the diocese;
  2. to carry out faithfully those proposals in liturgical matters made by the competent authority and to keep informed on the studies and programmes taking place elsewhere in the field; 
  3. to suggest and promote practical programmes of every kind that may contribute to the advancement of liturgical life, especially in the interest of aiding priests labouring in the Lord's vineyard;
  4. to suggest, in individual cases or even for the whole diocese, timely step-by-step measures for the work of pastoral liturgy, 
  5. to appoint and to call upon people capable of helping priests in this matter as occasion arises, to propose suitable means and resources;
  6. to see to it that programmes in the diocese designed to promote liturgy go forward with the cooperation and mutual help of other groups along the lines mentioned above* regarding the liturgical commission of the assembly of bishops;
  7. *(45(e) to further frequent consultation and promote collaboration with regional associations involved with scripture, catechetics, pastoral care, music and art, as well as with every kind of lay religious association.

The Commission has the following membership

  • Ms Maura Carr
  • Ms Joanne Cullen
  • Sr. Breege Donohoe RSM
  • Rev. Dr. Michael Duignan
  • Ms Yvette Edwards
  • Dr. Justin Harkin – Secretary
  • Sr. Moya Hegarty OSU
  • Bishop Christopher Jones
  • Fr. Ian Kennedy – Chairperson
  • Fr. Eamonn O’Connor

During August 2008 Bishop Jones in consultation with the Diocesan Liturgy Commission. and other diocesan bodies initiated a review of the role of all such bodies in the diocese.  This review is expected to conclude in August 2009 and may lead to a reconstituted Diocesan Liturgy Commission.



Elphin Diocesan Liturgy Commission members during their 2008 visit to Glenstal Abbey, Co. Limerick: (L to R, front row:  Br. Colmain O'Claibaigh  Glenstal Abbey, Sr. Dorothy Gallagher OSU, Sr. Moya Hegarty OSU, Sr. Breege Donohoe RSM, Mrs Jenny Darcy.  Back row:  Fr. Eamonn O'Connor, Bishop Christopher Jones, Fr. Ian Kennedy (chairperson) and Justin Harkin (secretary).



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