Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran on the Feast of St Joseph the Worker

Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran on the Feast of St Joseph the Worker


Today, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, the Church invites us to see Joseph as someone who, through his energy and the use of his skills, gave added value to raw material and, in so doing, fulfilled himself as a person and provided for the needs of his family. Today, whether the worker is a woman or a man, and whether the “raw material” is to be thought of in terms of materials like wood or electronic data, or service given to people, the Church invites us to celebrate the fruitfulness of human work, for the worker, for his or her family and for the common good of society.

51st IEC2016 - Cebu

51st IEC2016 Cebu 

The 51st International Eucharistic Congress will take place in Cebu, Philippines from 24th - 31st January 2016.  A group of pilgrims from Ireland will travel to Cebu, led by Bishop Kevin Doran, for the event.  If you, your parish or group are interested in attending this Congress, please contact Joe Walsh Tours, the travel agent for the Irish Pilgrimage to Cebu.  Information on packages is available from their website - http://www.joewalshtours.ie/section/pilgrimages-international-eucharistic-congress-2016

Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran at Knock Shrine

Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran
Second Sunday of Easter, 12th April 2015
Knock Shrine, Co Mayo

There is a lot of emphasis these days on equality and that, in some ways, makes it difficult for us to understand, or indeed to accept, mercy.  Mercy, of its very nature, is given and received in situations of inequality. Mercy is about reaching down and lifting someone up. It is those who are strong and secure and good who exercise mercy to those who are weak, vulnerable and sometimes undeserving. The Scriptures present us with an image of God whose very nature is to be merciful. His mercy is expressed in the various covenants he makes with his people, in the way he sends the prophets to them to draw them back into right relationship with him and, especially in the way he sends his own Son.

Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran at Mass of Chrism

Homily of Bishop Kevin Doran at the Mass of Chrism
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo

Wednesday 1st April 2015Silver holy oil bottles

Just a week ago we celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation; that moment when it was revealed to Mary that she was to be the Mother of God. The one who is pure spirit, took to himself a body and grew to birth in the womb of Mary. The one who was above all things, literally came down to earth.

Through his incarnation, Jesus makes sacred not just our humanity, but the very earth on which he walked and on which we now walk. From that moment when God entered human history, even the simplest things in nature seem to have the capacity to reflect the sacred. Joseph Mary Plunkett understood this and it is beautifully expressed in a poem which was recited for me last week by some of the children in the parish of Rathcormac and Maherow.

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