Vocation Prayer

Prayer to Discover Your Vocation

Almighty God,
You have made me to know you,
To love you, and to serve you,
And thereby to find and fulfil myself.

I know that you are in all things
And that every path can lead me to you,
But, of them all, there is one path especially
By which you want me to come to you.

Since I will do what you want of me,
I pray you; send your Holy Spirit to me;
Into my mind to show me what you want of me;
Into my heart to give me the determination to do it,
And to do it with all my love, with all my mind,
And with all my strength, right to the end.

Praying for Vocations

Benedict XVI is urging Catholics to pray for vocations with the confidence that God never ceases to call, and that he will give the graces for a generous response.
The Pope affirmed this in his message for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.
“Pray!” he urged the Church, emphasizing that “prayer for vocations should be continuous and trusting.”
Benedict XVI noted: “Our first duty, therefore, is to keep alive in families and in parishes, in movements and in apostolic associations, in religious communities and in all the sectors of diocesan life this appeal to the divine initiative with unceasing prayer.
“We must pray that the whole Christian people grow in its trust in God, convinced that the ‘Lord of the harvest’ does not cease to ask some to place their entire existence freely at his service so as to work with him more closely in the mission of salvation.”

Prayer for Vocations

God our Father, send workers into your harvest.
May the Spirit we received in baptism
Touch the hearts of many
To offer themselves in priesthood, religious life
And other forms of service.
Give the parents and families of our diocese
The wisdom and courage to support young people
In searching for and following the call of God in their lives

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