Bishop Kevin’s Confirmation Page 2018-2019

Dear Boys and Girls,

I want to welcome you to our Confirmation Ambassador page. I want to welcome your teachers, parents, priests and deacons. 

Over the coming months I look forward to sharing colourful resources with you, to help you explore the  Sacrament of Confirmation in new ways. Between now and next May, with God’s help (and the help of the Servant Sisters, who are really great with the technology), I hope to add a new PowerPoint and a new Video resource each month. 

I shall also be contacting your Confirmation Ambassadors and Class Teachers, to invite them to check our web-page when the material is ready.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will begin to work with you as you use the resources. 

God bless,

Bishop Kevin

MARCH 2019

Video Message from Bishop Kevin – Forgiveness

Click here to download PowerPoint presentation on Forgiveness


Video Message from Bishop Kevin – Ruah: The Holy Spirit acts in us



Video Message from Bishop Kevin – Shalom, Peace be with you



Video Message from Bishop Kevin – The Gift of Wonder and Awe


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