Confirmation Video Preparation Programme

DECISION POINT – Confirmation Programme

DECISION POINT – Confirmation Programme, is a free on-line Confirmation Programme, in video format, which comes to us courtesy of Dynamic Catholic. (

There are 12 sessions in total, with each session containing 6 short videos. Each Session deals with a particular theme which is developed sequentially in each of its episodes.

A Workbook for the Programme can be downloaded at each link below or by clicking the picture below.

Confirmation Workbook

Each of the links below will bring you to a particular Session (1 through 12). Please click on heading or picture to access the relevant session and its episodes. Once the page opens, please scroll to the bottom and you will find the six short video presentations. Just click on the one you want to watch. The Workbook will support you if you would like to go deeper into the content of each video. ENJOY!!!

Session 1 – Life is Choices





Episodes included are: 1. Navigation; 2. Your Choices Matter; 3. The Best Way To Live; 4. God’s Dream For You. 5. Be A Rebel; 6. Decision Point.

Session 2 – What’s Holding You Back?






Episodes included are: 1. What are You Doing?; 2. Quest For Happiness; 3. Stinking Thinking; 4. Hungry For The Truth; 5. This Is Personal; 6. Decision Point.

Session 3 – The Jesus Question





Episodes included are: 1. Looking for Judas; 2. Who Is Jesus?; 3. The Problem and Solution; 4. Jesus Was a Radical; 5. Second Chances; 6. Decision Point.

Session 4 – The Prayer Process





Episodes included are: 1. Silence; 2. Why Pray?; 3. The Big Question; 4. The Prayer Process; 5. The Best Way To Learn; 6. Decision Point.

Session 5 – The Bible






Episodes included are: 1. Unexpected Gifts; 2. Map for the Journey; 3. Introduction to the Bible; 4. How Should I use the Bible; 5. The Power of Habit; 6. Decision Point.

Session 6 – Relationships





Episodes included are: 1. Bear Bait; 2. What is the Purpose; 3. Choose Your Friends Wisely; 4. What is Love?; 5. Your Quest for Love; 6. Decision Point.

Session 7 – The Eucharist






Episodes included are: 1. The Epidemic; 2. The One Thing; 3. The True Presence; 4. The Power of the Eucharist; 5. Get Close and Stay Close; 6. Decision Point.

Session 8 – The Holy Spirit





Episodes included are: 1. The Next Right Thing; 2. Who is the Holy Spirit?; 3. Unopened Gifts; 4. The Fruits of the Spirit; 5. Prompted; 6. Decision Point.

Session 9 – The Church






Episodes included are: 1. Counter-Cultural; 2. The First Christians and the Early Church; 3. One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic; 4. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the Lies; 5. 10 Great Reasons to be Catholic; 6. Decision Point.

Session 10 – Confirmation





Episodes included are: 1. If you get the Man Right; 2. What is Confirmation?; 3. The Power of Preparation; 4. How will Confirmation Change You; 5. On the Day; 6. Decision Point.

Session 11 – Made for Mission





Episodes included are: 1. Everything is Connected; 2.The World is a Mess; 3. A World without Neighbours; 4. Finding Your Mission; 5. Your Untapped Greatness; 6. Decision Point.

Session 12 – Holiness is Possible





Episodes included are: 1. Perseverance; 2.The Holy Moment; 3. Everything is an Opportunity; 4. Your YES can change the World; 5. Review; 6. Dream.