First Holy Communion Video Preparation Programme for Children

“BLESSED – First Communion” 

Blessed  – First Communion, is a free on-line First Holy Communion Programme, in video format, which comes to us courtesy of Dynamic Catholic.  (

There are 6 sessions in total, with each session containing 7 short child friendly videos.  Each Session deals with a particular theme which is developed sequentially in each of its episodes.

A Workbook for the Programme can be downloaded at each link below or by clicking the picture below.

First Communion Workbook

Each of the links below will bring you to a particular Session (1 through 6).  Please click on heading or picture to access the relevant session and its episodes.  Once the page opens, please scroll to the bottom and you will find the seven short video presentations.  Just click on the one you want to watch with your child and enjoy.  The Workbook will support you if you would like to go deeper into the content of each video.  ENJOY!!!

Session 1: Sunday is Special.  

Episodes Included are:

1. Keep Counting Your Blessings; 2. Your Journey with God Continues; 3. God Loves to Celebrate; 4. What Makes Sunday Special; 5. From the Bible: Creation; 6. Listening to God at Mass; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 2: The Greatest Event on Earth.

Episodes Included are:

1. The Ultimate Prayer; 2. God’s House; 3. The Third Commandment; 4. Listening to God; 5. From the Bible: The Road to Emmaus; 6. So Many Wonders; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 3: The Word of God.

Episodes Included are:

1. Overview of the Mass; 2. The Introductory Rites; 3. The Liturgy of the Word; 4. I believe; 5. From the Bible: The Sower of Seeds; 6. Wear It Out; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 4: The Eucharist.

Episodes Included are:

1. Food for the Soul; 2. The Liturgy of the Eucharist; 3. Holy Communion; 4. The True Presence; 5. From the Bible: The Last Supper; 6. Jesus is in You; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 5: Your First Communion.

Episodes Included are:

1. This is a Special Day; 2. Your’re Growing Up; 3. Preparation Matters; 4. The Eucharist Empowers Us to Do Great Things; 5. From the Bible: The Visitation; 6. Your First but Not Your Last; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 6: God’s Family.

Episodes Included are:

1. Made for Mission; 2. Your Parish Family; 3. Go Make a Difference; 4. The Power of Prayer; 5. From the Bible: I Will Always Be with You; 6. Trusting God; 7. Closing Prayer.