FORMED … will you join us?


Know what FORMED  is?
It’s a revolutionary digital platform available through devices that can connect with the internet that gives individuals and groups unprecedented access to video-based study programmes, feature films, audio presentations, eBooks and childrens’ programmes from some of the Catholic Church’s foremost presenters.

Why has it been developed?
To support individuals at all stages of life , be they deeply engaged in their Catholic Faith, entering a phase of enquiry or growth concerning the Catholic Faith, or fallen away and seeking to reconnect.

What does the content include?
Current content … and the resource is expanding week by week … includes:

  • 300+ episodes of video-based study programs, including cartoon programmes for children
  • 35+ feature films and movies
  • 45+ audio presentations
  • 25+ eBooks

All are available 24/7 to persons with internet access.

Who is behind FORMED?
FORMED is an unprecedented partnership of the following apostolates:

  • Augustine Institute
  • Ignatius Press
  • Catholic Answers
  • Paul Center for Biblical Theology
  • Marian Press
  • Sophia Institute Press
  • Magis Center
  • Knights of Columbus
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Where can I find out more?
We recommend you begin by watching this four minute video:

You can follow up by browsing the FORMED website:

There are two forms of subscription:

  • Individual subscription ….  from c. €8.00 per month / €85 per annum
  • Group / Organisation / Parish subscription … from c. €1,575 per annum.

Like to join our October 2018 / September 2019 FORMED Group?
The Elphin Diocese’s Pastoral & Faith Development Services Office is establishing a FORMED Group from persons who have been associated with the work of the Office at some time.  To this end the service is also seeking a contribution of €20 from 80 adults to meet the group subscription charge.

Joining us carries no obligation.  We simply provide you with a Group Code so that you can access the FORMED content whenever you wish.

Later in the year we hope to invite group members to be part of an online study … but that will be entirely optional and will not require attending meetings or get-togethers.

In the event that more than 80 adults subscribe the additional monies received will be used to reduce the subscription cost for 2019/2020.

Next step (if you are interested)
Please email or text your expression of  interest to Justin Harkin
Justin’s contact details are as follows:  /  087 6171526.

No monies or cheques  should be forwarded at this time.

Thank you