Pentecost Reflection from Fr John Cullen PP

‘They were all filled with the Holy spirit and began to speak.’ (Acts 2:2)

We all know that God exists

in silence and is beyond words.

But words can take us a long way

to the discovery of God in our lives.


Language can bring us unexpectedly

to the edge of God-awareness.

Parable, prayer and psalm,

canticle or chant, mantra or meditation.

The fresh naming of things by children,

words of love from a friend,

they can all open locks in our hearts

so that the unnameable Presence,

the Word beyond all words,

can touch, caress and bless our lives.


Let us ask our loving Creator

for the grace to use words wisely:

May we not try to control or contain God

in language that suits ourselves.

May we not limit God

to our own image.

May we not divide God and God’s world

according to human ideas.
And may we keep the true meaning

of those words which lead us

to an awareness of God’s nearness.

Words like:

Love, Eucharist, Community, Wonder.

Shalom, Servant, Shepherd.

Mystery, Mercy, Mission, Mary, Mother.

Father,Freedom, Forgiveness, Family.






People and Priest.

‘Preaching in our own language about the marvels of God.’ (Acts 2:11)


Fr John Cullen PP, Kiltoom.