Lenten Reflections with Fr. Niall Ahern

We are delighted to bring you a series of short Lenten reflections by Very Rev Canon Niall Ahern PP, Strandhill-Ransboro parish.
Each reflection is less than three minutes in length and is available here as an MP3 file, i.e. to listen and / or  to podcast.

The reflections were originally aired by Ocean FM.  They are also available in book format from Veritas (www.veritas.ie).

   Beginning of Lent

Ash Wednesday  (March 1st)
Lent 01
Thursday  (March 2nd)
Lent 02
Friday  (March 3rd)
Lent 03


   Week 1

Monday  (March 6th)
Lent 04
Tuesday  (March 7th)
Lent 05
Wednesday  (March 8th)
Lent 06
Thursday  (March  9th)
Lent 07
Friday  (March 10th)
Lent 08


   Week 2

Monday  (March 13th)
Lent 09
Tuesday  (March 14th)
Lent 10
Wednesday  (March 15th)
Lent 11
Thursday  (March 16th)
Lent 12
Friday  (March 17th)
Lent 13


   Week 3

Monday  (March 20th)
 Lent 14
Tuesday  (March 21st)
Lent 15
Wednesday  (March 22nd)
Lent 16
Thursday  (March 23rd)
Lent 17
Friday  (March 24th)
Lent 18


   Week 4

Monday  (March 27th)
Lent 19
Tuesday  (March 28th)
Lent 20
Wednesday  (March 29th)
Lent 21
Thursday  (March 30th)
Lent 22
Friday  (March 31st)
Lent 23


   Week 5

Monday  (April 3rd)
Lent 24
Tuesday  (April 4th)
Lent 25
Wednesday  (April 5th)
Lent 26
Thursday  (April 6th)
Lent 27
Friday  (April 7th)
Lent 28


   Holy Week

Monday  (April 10th)
Lent 29
Tuesday  (April 11th)
Lent 30
Wednesday  (April 12th)
Lent 31
Thursday  (April 13th)
Lent 32
Friday  (April 14th)
Lent 33


   Easter Sunday

Easter Day (April 16th)
Easter Day