RSE Resources

Relationships and Sexuality Education  – Resources

A new programme for RSE in Catholic Schools is currently being prepared. Until the it becomes available, hopefully by Summer of 2016, schools may wish to consider accessing some of the following resources: 

  1. A Journey of Love: (Primary)

A Journey in Love is a resource created by Sister Jude Groden of the Diocese of Brentwood UK.  It is the recommended programme for Catholic schools for the delivery of Sex and Relationship Education. There are five areas in the programme which include physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual for each year group. There is a good cross-over with the content and themes of Religious Education.–volume-1–book/#23

    2. All that I Am – Archdiocese of Birmingham (Senior Primary and Secondary)

  • Primary Year 5 set = £33.00 }
  • Primary Year 6 set = £33.00 }
  • Secondary Key Stage 3 = £70  }
  • Secondary Key Stage 4 = £70 }    if bought together the cost is £168.00
  • Secondary Key Stage 5 = £70  }

Teachers will be aware that the UK Primary Year 5 corresponds with 10 years of age etc.

The postage and packaging is included in the prices stated above.

If schools would like to purchase the materials, they should email Maggie Sweeney direct on [email protected] and she will post the materials with an invoice will follow.  If the materials are not suitable then the goods can be returned with the invoice within a two week period from receipt of the goods and no charge will be made.  There is no refund of the postage costs.

  1. Resources from Accord NI: (Secondary)

Accord Northern Ireland has a programme for pupils from Years 8 – 12 was made available to schools in September 2004. Further information is available on: