Confirmation Youth Fest

Diocese of Elphin

Confirmation Youth Fest 2019/’20

fun / fellowship / faith




Invitation to 6th Class
Confirmation Ambassadors
Parent(s) / Guardian(s)


9.20 am – 12.45 pm,
Saturday Nov. 9th,

Abbey Community College,
Marian Rd., Boyle,
Co. Roscommon.

Pre-booking on or before Wednesday Nov. 6th essential.


Confirmation Youth Fest 2019/’20

fun / fellowship / faith

Information for Sixth Class Pupils

Information for Parents and Guardians

Information for Sixth Class Teachers

Information for Sixth Class Pupils

Dear Boys and Girls,

A very important and exciting gathering will take place in Abbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, on the morning of Saturday Nov. 9th.

This will be our diocese’s fifth Confirmation Youth Fest and it is just for Sixth Class pupils!

As there are more than 1,200 Sixth Class pupils in our diocese it is not possible to invite everyone.  I am sorry about that.

The best we can do is to invite two Sixth Class pupils to  represent their class.  These representatives will be known as Confirmation Ambassadors.

If you would like to be a Confirmation Ambassador you will need to:

(i) be happy to represent your class,

(ii) have your parent(s) / guardian(s) permission to participate,

(iii) get your parent(s) / guardian(s) to bring you and collect you,

(iv) be successful in a class raffle to select the two Confirmation Ambassadors from your class.


Confirmation Ambassadors will gather, at Abbey Community College, Boyle, at 9.20 am on Saturday November 9th.  The college  will be open from 9.00 am.

If you are among them you will be welcomed by some diocesan volunteers, the Knock Youth Ministry Team and some of the Servant Sisters who live in Roscommon and who may have visited your school last year.  Here you will participate in an exciting programme that will include  fun games, singing, short talks and  chats about Confirmation and being a good Christian.  There will also be some times of prayer and soft drinks and biscuits will be available at break time free-of-charge.

I really hope you will consider volunteering and that your parent(s) / guardian(s) will be able to support you.

Thank you for reading this letter.


+ Bishop Kevin


Information for Parents and Guardians

Dear Parent / Guardian,

God’s blessing on  you and your family.

On the morning of Saturday Nov. 9th (9.20 – 12.45 pm) our diocese will host two major gatherings in Boyle, Co. Roscommon.

The first is  a Confirmation Youth Fest that will bring Sixth Class Representatives, who will be known as Confirmation Ambassadors, together from all thirty-seven parishes of our diocese (see details at top of this page and see my letter to the children which precedes this letter).

The main thrust of the Confirmation Youth Fest is to help the children bridge the gap between their life experience and the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The second gathering is our Diocese’s annual Parish Development and Renewal Gathering, now in its nineteenth year, and also attended by representatives from all parishes.

Why have we organised them to take place at the same time?  By way of offering parents and guardians who bring their child to the Confirmation Youth Fest a new experience of Church too!

Thus if your child is interested in being a Confirmation Ambassador, we would be delighted if you joined us in St. Joseph’s Hall (less than 100 metres from Abbey Community College) for a cuppa and the morning part of the Diocesan Parish Development and Renewal Gathering. 

To find out more about this Gathering please click here: .

There is also a lunch option for parents and guardians who wish to avail of it, i.e. at 1 pm.  A local Catering Company will provide soup and sandwiches to the adults who are attending both the morning and evenings sessions of the Parish Development and Renewal Gathering.  You and your child are welcome to join us but if this is your choice please:

(i) contact Justin Harkin @ 087 6171526 / [email protected] to share that you wish to be included
(ii) make a voluntary donation towards the cost of the lunch on the morning of the Gathering.

Finally, if your child is interested in being a Confirmation Ambassador and you can support their participation, please inform their teacher by placing a note in their homework journal.  She or he will then be   included in the raffle for the two Confirmation Ambassador places.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

+ Kevin
Bishop of Elphin


Information for Sixth Class Teachers

+KevinDear Teacher,

Thank you in anticipation for the assistance which you will give to Catholic children and to their parents when it comes to preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Various surveys and listening exercises highlight the need for families, parishes and dioceses to consolidate the good work you do.  Mindful of this we have organised a Confirmation Youth Fest as described in the above poster and letters to pupils and students.

We remain, however, in need of your support in making this opportunity known.  I would appreciate, if, over the coming week, you could:

(i) present my letter to your pupils on the class whiteboard,
(ii) give the pupils who express an interest a note to bring home (see sample below),
(iii) host a raffle for the two available Confirmation Ambassador places before November 6th, i.e. drawing on the names of pupils who have parental / guardian support
(iv) ask you school secretary to communicate their names to us by emailing Justin Harkin ([email protected]) on or before Wednesday November 6th.

If you have any related enquiries please get in touch with Justin Harkin at 087 6171526 / [email protected] .

Thanks again for your ongoing contribution to Catholic Education.

+ Kevin
Bishop of Elphin

Suggested Note from Sixth Class Teachers to Parents

Dear Parent / Guardian,

The Elphin Diocese is hosting a Confirmation Youth Fest on the morning of Saturday November 9th (9.20 am – 12.45 pm) in Abbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon.  Our School has  been invited to send two Sixth Class Pupils who intend to request the Sacrament of Confirmation later in the year.  See for more information.
Your child is among those who have expressed interest.
If s/he has your consent and you can arrange transport to and from Boyle please let me know through a brief note in his / her homework journal.
Our class draw for the two places will take place on _______.

Class Teacher


Updated 07/10/2019