First Reconciliation Video Preparation Programme for Children

BLESSED – First Reconciliation

Blessed – First Reconciliation, is a free on-line First Reconciliation Programme, in video format, which comes to us courtesy of Dynamic Catholic.  (

There are 6 sessions in total, with each session containing 7 short child friendly videos.  Each Session deals with a particular theme which is developed sequentially in each of its episodes.

A Workbook for the Programme can be downloaded at each link below or by clicking the picture below.


First Reconciliation Workbook

Each of the links below will bring you to a particular Session (1 through 6).  Please click on heading or picture to access the relevant session and its episodes.  Once the page opens, please scroll to the bottom and you will find the seven short video presentations.  Just click on the one you want to watch with your child and enjoy.  The Workbook will support you if you would like to go deeper into the content of each video.  ENJOY!!!

Session 1: You Are Blessed 

Episodes Included are:

1. Welcome; 2. You Are Blessed; 3. Count Your Blessings; 4. My Journey With God; 5. From the Bible: Gratitude; 6. I Am Blessed, I Am Grateful; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 2: The Best Version Of Yourself.

Episodes Included are:

1. Happiness and Free Will; 2. Making Decisions 3. The Greatest Commandment; 4. Temptation, Sin, and Grace; 5. From the Bible: Adam and Eve; 6. Follow Your Conscience; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 3: God Sent Jesus To Save Us.

Episodes Included are:

1. The Mess; 2. Jesus’ Birth and Childhood; 3. Jesus’ Ministry; 4. The Cross, Resurrection, and Ascension; 5. From the Bible: Pentecost; 6. You and the Church; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 4: Forgiveness and Healing.

Episodes Included are:

1. God Loves Healthy Relationships; 2. Forgiveness; 3. What Is A Sacrament?; 4. What Is Reconciliation; 5. From the Bible: Our Father; 6. God Will Always Love You; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 5: Your First Reconciliation.

Episodes Included are:

1. Great Moments in Life; 2. The Garden of Your Heart; 3. Preparation Matters; 4. The Five Steps; 5. From the Bible: The Prodigal Son; 6. First but Not Last; 7. Closing Prayer.

Session 6: It’s Only the Beginning.

Episodes Included are:

1. So Much To Look Forward To; 2. The Will of God and Happiness; 3. The Prayer Process; 4. The Power of Great Habits; 5. From the Bible: Jesus Went to a Quiet Place; 6. Be Grateful; 7. Closing Prayer.