This page contains links to recordings (MP3) from various Parish Development & Renewal and Adult Religious Education events and courses organised by the Elphin Diocese’s Pastoral & Faith Development Services.

Our sincere thanks to Bishop Kevin and the speakers who have graciously permitted us share in this manner.


Revisiting Christian Funerals – A ministerial perspective





Presentation of Fr. Christy Fitzgerald PP, Director of Liturgy & Ecumenism, Cork and Ross Diocese to Clergy serving
the Elphin Diocese, Abbey Hotel, Roscommon, February 18th 2019


Parish Development & Renewal Section

Elphin Diocese’s 2017 Parish Development & Renewal Gathering

Let’s Talk Family, Let’s Be Family
Recorded Saturday Oct. 7th 2017

Martin Kennedy’s Inputs

   No. 1  

Let's Talk Family Let's Be Family (part 1)

   No. 2.

Let's Talk Family Let's Be Family (part 2)


Elphin Diocese’s 2016 Parish Development & Renewal Gathering

Family, Faith & Friendship
& words of support & challenge from Pope Francis
Recorded Saturday Oct. 15th 2016

Kate Liffey Mrs Kate Liffey’s Input

jessica_rogers Dr. Jessie Rogers First Input

  Dr. Jessie Rogers Second Input


Elphin Diocese’s 2015 Parish Development & Renewal Gathering

The Future of the Church:  What our Baptism Tells Us About Our Mission
with Rev. Dr. Michael Drumm
Recorded Saturday Oct. 10th 2015

Elphin Parish Development & Renewal Gathering: The Future of the Church - What our Baptism tells us about our mission.

Elphin Parish Development & Renewal Gathering: The Future of the Church - What our Baptism tells us about our mission.

Fr. Michael Drumm’s 1st Input

DownloadFr. Michael Drumm’s 2nd Input

DownloadFr. Michael Drumm’s 3rd Input


Elphin Diocese’s 2014 Parish Development & Renewal Gathering

Pope Francis’ The Joy of the Gospel
with Rev. Prof. Eamonn Conway
Recorded Saturday Oct. 18th 2014

No 15


Fr. Eamonn Conway’s 1st Input

DownloadFr. Eamonn Conway’s 2nd Input



Church Ministries Section


Feast and Famine
Evening Workshop with Canon Niall Ahern PP Strandhill
on the dignity and duties of those participating in the liturgy
as Ministers of the Word (Readers) and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Dignity & Duties of Liturgical Ministers



Adult Religious Education Section


Advent Reflections
– Canon Eugene McLoughlin’s presentation at the Elphin Diocese’s
Advent Preparation Evenings,
Nov. 27th & Nov. 28th 2017

Advent as a time of anticipation and preparation

Praying with the Psalms
– Bishop Kevin Doran’s Presentation to Scripture Sharing Groups
in the Elphin Diocese

Recorded February 21st 2017

Praying with the Psalms


Praying our Way to Christmas:
Reflections on the Psalms and Advent Readings
with Rev. Prof. Michael Mullins

Recorded Nov. 2010.

Advent - Mullins




Praying with the Psalms
with Rev. Prof. Michael Mullins

Recorded Oct. 2010.

Psalms - Mullins


Psalms - Mullins


Psalms - Mullins


Psalms - Mullins

Track 1: Psalms & Repentance

DownloadTrack 2: Psalms & Faith

DownloadTrack 3: Psalms & the Celebration of the Mighty Acts of God

DownloadTrack 4: Psalms & Wisdom


The Diocese of Elphin wishes to reiterate its sincere thanks to the Knights of St. Columbanus for a generous donation in 2010 toward the cost of the recording equipment used to generate the above recordings.