Pre-Marriage Courses

Pre-Marriage Courses 
The preparation for the Sacraments is the responsibility of the Church and we do not normally contract this out to commercial agencies.  Where the Sacrament of Marriage is concerned, Accord is our own diocesan agency and they are entrusted with the mission of assisting couples who are preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage. They do this in partnership with the priests and deacons who will also meet each couple individually to support them in deepening their understanding of the Sacrament and preparing the liturgical celebration.  Needless to say, if couples wish to do another course in addition to the above, they are free to do so. There is so much preparation for the day itself, that a little more preparation for a lifetime of commitment would not go astray.


ACCORD formerly known as CMAC was established in Ireland in 1969.   We have fifty-eight centres throughout Ireland both North and South, more than 800 members trained to the highest standards who provide clients with a professional and ethical, Educational and Counselling service in a safe and non-judgemental environment.   Our services are available to all.

Marriage and families are today experiencing new and more complex challenges than ever before and yet we know that good marriages and healthy families are not only the bedrock of our society but also provide their constituent members with a stable lifelong environment in which they can experience, Love, Support, Tolerance, Caring and Nurturing, Commitment, Respect, Interdependence, Enjoyment and lots of fun.   These are not experienced just by chance but are the result of couples and their families working together to create a secure and loving environment, which allows them to flourish and grow.   Marriage and family life therefore is a journey not a destination.   It is being the right person rather than finding the right person.   It is starting to LOVE over and over again.   It is a life’s work. It requires active thought and effort.   We learn how to share, we practise talking from the heart, we understand feelings as well as words and we give generously and receive generously.   Above all Marriage is a gift, where love is the climate in which we live, where our children are secure in the knowledge that their parents love and respect each other and where the best is yet to come.

If you find that you are having difficulty talking to each other then talk to ACCORD. We are there to help you.   Enjoy your journey through our website and if you require any further information, have any comments or suggestions we would be delighted to hear from you.