Forms, Posters and Downloads

Below you will find a list of individual Safeguarding forms, posters and other documents that can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate title.  If you require a hard copy or have a related query please contact:

Mary Nicholson
Office for Safeguarding

Diocese of Elphin
St. Mary’s
Temple Street
[email protected]


Safeguarding Forms

SG01 – Application Form
SG02 – Declaration Form
SG03 – Safeguarding Agreement Form
SG04 – Child and Parent/Guardian Join Consent Form
SG05 – Accident/Incident Form
SG06 – Hazard Assessment Form
SG07 – External Groups Using Church Property Form
SG08 – General Complaints Form
SG09 – Confidentiality Agreement Form
SG10 – Data Protection Consent Form

Garda Vetting E-Vetting Invitation Form (NVB 1) – Western Province Vetting Service and Downloads

Safeguarding Plans 

Three Year Strategic Safeguarding Plan 2020-2023

Training Plan 2022-2023

Communications Plan 2021-2024

Safeguarding Posters and Brochures

Safeguarding Checklist For Parishes

Information & Guidance for Children & Parents

Safeguarding Agreement for Children 2023

Safeguarding Notice for Church Buildings 2023

Safeguarding Celebret Notice

The documents above are in PDF format. To view or download .pdf files your computer requires the installation of Adobe Reader. The Adobe Reader program is free, and may be downloaded here.