Garland Sunday 2019

Tobernalt Holy Well – Garland Weekend Programme

Theme: Remembering Penal Ireland; Faith, Perseverance, Commitment


Saturday 27th July

7.00pm   Confession

7.30pm    Evening Mass – The Gift of Our Faith


Sunday 28th July

6.00am   Dawn Mass – Camino from St Anne’s Church beginning at 4.45am

10.00am Morning Mass – Penal Ireland – Story and Journey

12.noon  Mass with Prayers for Healing and Anointing of the Sick


Walk in Prayer from Darkens to Light

A Camino from St Anne’s Church to the Holy Well will take place on Sunday 28th July beginning at 4.45am to arrive at the Holy Well for 6.00am Mass. This walk recalls our ancestors in Penal Ireland who walked to the Holy Well in fear of their lives to honour the Mass and celebrate the various Sacraments. Everyone can join in this walk and recall this sacred and precious part of our history out of respect for our ancestors.


Traffic at the Holy Well for Garland Weekend

Please remember that a one-way system of traffic will operate at the Holy Well for the Garland Weekend. Please follow the direction of the Gardaí and Parish Stewarts who will be on duty. This system will help with the organisation of traffic flow and parking. It will also help with the smooth departure of traffic after Mass.