Parish Pastoral Council Mission Awareness & Training Consultation


Following a diocesan-wide consultation with serving Parish Pastoral Councils during September, October and November 2019 Bishop Kevin has published a revised version  of the Elphin Diocese’s Constitution for Parish Pastoral Councils (see link below).

He has also made two requests:

  1. that all councils review their mission effectiveness in light of the provisions of the constitution
  2. that the diocese’s Pastoral & Faith Development Services office prioritise the development  of a voluntary team to assist parishes establish new Parish Pastoral Councils and to support the regular ongoing formation of existing councils.

The team has been established and the members are:
 * Dr. Anne Francis, Director, Galilee Centre of Spirituality, Tintagh, Boyle.
 * Ms Colette Furlong, Catechist, Sligo Cluster of Parishes, Sligo.
 * Fr. Stephen Ezenwegbu, Ecclesiologist & Administrator, Aughrim, Kilmore & Dangan parish.
 * Mr. Kevin McGeeney, Athleague-Fuerty Parish Pastoral Council & School Chaplain, St. Cuan’s College.
 * Justin Harkin, Director, Pastoral & Faith Development Services.

Mission Awareness and Training Consultation

The Team recognises the need to root all training in the mission of the Church and the felt needs of Parish Pastoral Council members.

During the week beginning 18th May 2020 it hosted two online meetings with clergy by way of garnering their perceptions and recommendations

Next week (week beginning 1st June) it shall host three online meetings for interested laity. 

Women and men interested in participating are encouraged to engage with the following letter of invitation.

Feedback can also be offered via email.  Please forward to Justin @ [email protected] .


Letter of invitation to participate in PPC Mission Awareness and Training Consultation

Dear PPC Member/ Retired PPC Member / Interested Parishioner,

Last year, at Bishop Kevin’s request, I established a diocesan group to: 

  1. assist parishes in establishing new PPCs, and
  2. to support the ongoing formation of existing councils.

The members of this group are  Dr. Anne Francis, Director, Galilee Community, Colette Furlong, Catechist, Sligo Cluster of Parishes, Fr. Stephen Ezenwegbu, Ecclesiologist and Adm, Aughrim-Kilmore parish, Kevin McGeeney, St. Cuan’s College’s School Chaplain and Athleague-Fuerty PPC and myself.

We are eager to be supportive but before we put time and energy into developing online resources or revising courses etc. we would like to garner the insights of people who have served / are serving on PPCs and to hear the questions of people who are curious about PPCs. 

Last week we hosted two video-conference meetings with priests and deacons in parish ministry.  Thirty-three participated while others contributed via email and / or  phone conversation. The priests and deacons who work in partnership with PPCs value the support, affirmation and positive outcomes that arise from PPC meetings.  Other clergy acknowledged that PPC meetings are an irregular occurrence in the parishes they serve but deemed them essential going forward.

Next week we shall host three similar meetings for lay people.  We would welcome your participation and the participation of any lay person whom who believe would enrich the conversation.

Tuesday 2nd June, 8 – 9 pm
Wednesday 3rd June,  8 – 9 pm
Thursday , 2.30 – 4th June, 8 – 9 pm

The Zoom particulars for all three meetings are as follows:

Meeting ID:  8761715260
Password:  270420

We would also appreciate if those willing to participate would:

  1. Read the diocese’s revised constitution for PPCs
    Copy attached and / or available to download at .
  2. Reflect on one of the following questions:
    • Is there a value to having a PPC?
    • What in your experience:
      • sustains a PPC?
      • contributes to the effectiveness of a PPC?
    • What would enthuse you and others known to you to participate in a PPC training event, either online or in a parish, deanery or diocesan venue?

Following these meetings we plan to issue a brief report that will bring together the findings of all meetings and our own thinking.  This report will inform our work over the coming months.

If you or others would like a text or email reminder of these meetings please contact  me ([email protected] / 0876171526).


Justin Harkin
Diocese of Elphin
Pastoral & Faith Development Services
087 6171526


Elphin Diocese’s Revised (2020) Parish Pastoral Constitution













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Report from Team’s Consultative Meetings

The report that will inform the team’s future provision will be presented through this webpage c. Monday June 15th.