Updated Guidance for the Further Reopening of Liturgical Life

The revised regulation for Religious Services as of 22nd October 2021 is very simply stated as:
“Religious services and weddings can proceed without capacity limits but with all other protective measures remaining in place”
These protective measures include:
• Reasonable physical distancing between groups (ie people who arrive together)
• Face coverings
• The provision and use of hand sanitiser
• Adequate ventilation
Sunday Mass Together:
While the Sunday obligation remains suspended, it is important that we don’t begin to think purely in terms of an obligation which comes from outside ourselves. Our primary reason for going to Mass is that we need to be nourished with the Word of God and with Sacramental Holy Communion and because, as a community of faith, we are called to worship God together. The obligation to attend Mass never applies to those who are unable to come because of ill health or the frailty due to old age. We continue to pray with them online in so far as they are able to join us.
Holy Communion:
We continue to ask people, for the time being, to receive Holy Communion in the hand only.