Homily of Kevin Doran, Bishop of Elphin at Knock Novena – August 17th 2014


Some 20 years ago, a significant change took place in Rome. It was not of universal significance, but it was important enough for a small group of Irish seminarians. They were, for the first time, allowed home for Christmas. One of the more entrepreneurial students set about block booking flights, in the hope of getting his own flight free. He had just one concern. "Do you think it will be ok with the bishops" he asked me." I told him I thought the bishops might have more to do than to be worrying about the flight plans of seminarians. "Well, I was just thinking" he said, "….the whole future of the Irish Church …. on one airplane".

Homily of Kevin Doran, Bishop of Elphin for National Fleadh Cheoil, 17th August 2014

As Gaeilge

In my final year in seminary, a small group of us went from Rome to Sardinia for a few days after Christmas. Three members of the group were musicians, so we had a guitar, a bodhrán and a tin-whistle in the car with us. One day, after lunch at a little restaurant by the sea, a few local people heard us speaking and asked if we were German. For some reason, when we said we were Irish, they felt the need to apologise and sent us over a bottle of very nice wine. That was when the lad’s went out to the car to get the musical instruments. After an impromptu fleadh cheoil on the beach, the Sardinians asked to borrow the instruments. The loosened the guitar strings to suit their particular style of music, and off we went again for another half hour.

Photos from the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Kevin Doran

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ADDRESS OF KEVIN DORAN Bishop of Elphin On the Occasion of his Episcopal Ordination
13th July 2014
ordination-319Since my appointment as bishop of Elphin, I have been very conscious of the rich Christian heritage of our diocese, dating as it does from the time of St. Patrick. We celebrated that great tradition of faith in our vigil of prayer last night and Fr. Liam has also recalled it in the course of his homily. The important thing is that places like Boyle Abbey and Inishmurray and our various Holy Wells are not just reminders of the past. The faith which they represent is lived and celebrated today in towns and villages throughout our diocese. We build on foundations that have been laid by others. Where others have sown the seed, we reap the harvest. Our faith, like the very land on which we live, is entrusted to us for the generations who will come after us. This is a sacred trust.
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