Photos from the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Kevin Doran

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ADDRESS OF KEVIN DORAN Bishop of Elphin On the Occasion of his Episcopal Ordination
13th July 2014
ordination-319Since my appointment as bishop of Elphin, I have been very conscious of the rich Christian heritage of our diocese, dating as it does from the time of St. Patrick. We celebrated that great tradition of faith in our vigil of prayer last night and Fr. Liam has also recalled it in the course of his homily. The important thing is that places like Boyle Abbey and Inishmurray and our various Holy Wells are not just reminders of the past. The faith which they represent is lived and celebrated today in towns and villages throughout our diocese. We build on foundations that have been laid by others. Where others have sown the seed, we reap the harvest. Our faith, like the very land on which we live, is entrusted to us for the generations who will come after us. This is a sacred trust.
HOMILY Very Rev Liam Devine PP Saints Peter and Paul, Athlone at the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Kevin Doran
We gather today on this momentous and historic occasion when another chapter is added to the long history of Elphin diocese with the ordination of Fr. Kevin Doran as our bishop. This ancient territory bearing the footprints of St. Patrick touches the very cradle of Christianity in this part of the country.  The Diocese of Elphin as we know it today dates back to the Synod of Kells in 1152 and in modern day geographical terms stretches from the bridge of Athlone to the bridge of Bunduff near Bundoran.  The Episcopal See of Elphin is of much greater antiquity and can be traced back to the 5th century when St. Patrick appointed St. Asicus as his disciple and first Abbot Bishop of the Church of Elphin.

Reflection of Fr. Kevin Doran, Bishop Elect of Elphin At Vigil of Prayer Led by Young People of the Diocese
Saturday 12th July 2014 

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo

Thank you for coming this evening. I was thinking in the last few days of all the people who queued through the night to get tickets for the Garth Brooks concerts. They would also more than likely have been happy to wait for hours outside Croke Park, until the gates were opened. In much the same way, the night before the January Sales, people wait outside the big department stores, not wanting to miss anything. That’s really what a vigil is all about. It is not just about the waiting; it is about why we wait. We wait for the Lord to come and for His Spirit to move among us.  
Some years ago, Pope Benedict wrote a beautiful encyclical letter about the Word of God (Verbum Domini). Drawing on the teaching of St. Jerome, the Pope reminds us that Jesus is truly present in his Word. “For me” Jerome says “the Gospel is the body of Christ”. He comments that, quite rightly, we take care not to lose even a fragment of the host. In much the same way, he says, we need to be watchful, not to “drop” anything of what God wants to say to us in His Word. 

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