Athlone Parish Visitation

During Bishop Kevin's visitation to Athlone parish, he met with Kitty Seery (100), the oldest lady in Drum, along with members of her family. 

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Parish Visitations 2015

Parish Visitations 2015 

Bishop Kevin has announced the schedule for Parish Visitations 2015 from January to June.

The schedule can be viewed here  

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Bishop Kevin's New Year Message 2015

Bishop Kevin's New Year Message 2015 

The message of Peace on Earth is closely related to the news of the birth of Jesus. January 1st, the beginning of the New Year, is celebrated in the Catholic tradition as the World Day for Peace.

The poet John Donne is remembered for the expression “No Man is an Island”. In much the same way, our island nation is not isolated from the reality of what is going on in the world at the present time. Every year, thousands of families leave their own countries in search of peace and freedom and economic security. Some of them come to Ireland, just as countless Irish have gone in the past to the United States and Australia.

Bishop Kevin's Christmas Message 2014

Bishop Kevin Doran’s Christmas Message 2014

Christmas is a time of many images; parcels and reindeer, candles and trees. The image that is always strongest for me, however, is the image of family. Christmas brings me face to face with the Holy Family of Nazareth, the family into which Jesus was born and grew to human maturity, nourished by the love of Joseph and Mary. At the same time, my childhood memories of Christmas are memories of family and so I find myself, each Christmas, giving thanks for the gift of my own family which was – and still remains – an important influence in who I am as a person. This year, of course, I have a new diocesan family and I very much look forward to celebrating the Birth of Christ here with you in the Diocese of Elphin.

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