Conferring of the Ministry of Acolyte

On 1st June, the Feast of St Justin the Martyr, Bishop Kevin conferred the ministry of Acolyte on Tony Larkin and Martin Reidy who are preparing for ordination as permanent deacons. Reflecting on the life of St Justin, Bishop Kevin reminded the large congregation at the Church of Sts Peter and St Paul, Athlone, that martyrdom is essentially about Christian witness. Traditionally we think of martyrs as people who witnessed through their death, but we are first called to witness through our lives. St Paul speaks of the cross as “a scandal for the Jews and a stumbling block for the pagans”.

“We could equally say, Bishop Kevin continued “that the cross is not readily understood or accepted in our own contemporary culture, except by those who see the world through the eyes if faith. We are all called through Baptism to be witnesses.

An Acolyte is called in a particular way to minister at the altar. He must therefore be personally connected to the sacrifice if Christ and witness to the generosity of that sacrifice in his service of others”. Bishop Kevin, on behalf of the Diocese thanked Jean Larkin and Anne Reidy, the wives of the two Acolytes, without whose generosity their offering of themselves would not be possible.

Martin and Jean, Tony and Anne are pictured here with Bishop Kevin and with their two parish priests, Fr Michael McManus and Canon Liam Devine