– A joint initiative of the Elphin Diocese and Divine Word Missionaries, Donamon Castle.


Pope Francis recently wrote ”Because of the relentless pressures and tensions of an obsessively competitive society, retreats to “recharge our batteries”  have become very popular.  But a Christian retreat is very different from a “wellness” holiday.  The centre of attention is not us but God, the Good Shepherd, who, instead of treating us like machines, responds to our deepest needs as his beloved children” (Foreword of Austen Ivereigh’s book First Belong to God – On Retreat with Pope Francis, Messenger Publications, 2024).

Mindful of  their need of God some adults have committed to come together in Donamon Castle on Thursday 15th August, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  They will take time to rest in the Lord, to ponder God’s graciousness, as revealed in the life of Our Lady, and to enjoy one another’s company.  They will be supported during this retreat time by Fr. Bart Parys SVD, Rector, Donamon Castle, who has much experience in leading retreats such as this.






Both Fr Bart and the group would be delighted to welcome anyone who feels they could benefit from such a day.  All are welcome.

The retreat will also encompass an honouring of Our Lady through a short ceremony marking the rededication of  the recently refurbished chapel of Our Lady of Donamon in the Castle’s main chapel.

Retreat Outline

11.00 am
Gather at Donamon Castle
/ Tea & Coffee in the parlour

11.15 am
Word of Welcome
Opening Prayer Ritual

11.30 am
First presentation and conversation with  Fr. Bart Parys SVD

12.20 pm
Time of quiet prayer

12.45 am
Lunch  (All participants requested to bring pack-lunch)
Tea / Coffee will be provided

01.30 pm
Second presentation and conversation with Fr. Bart Parys SVD

02.15 pm
Time of quiet prayer  before Blessed Sacrament and availability of Sacrament of Reconciliation

02.45 pm  
Preparations for Celebration of The Eucharist

03.15 pm
Celebration of The Eucharist, incorporating the rededication of Our Lady’s side chapel

4.00 pm
Retreat participants depart Donamon Castle.


Recommended Donation

€20.00 per participant, payable on the day.

Reservation of Places

Interested persons are encouraged to reserve  one of the thirty-five available places (as of Sunday 23rd June) by texting, ringing or emailing Justin Harkin on 087 6171526  / [email protected]

Additional Information

Participants encouraged to bring a pack-lunch.

Christian Community Bibles (Catholic Study Edition) will be available to participants and some scripture passages will be suggested for times of quiet prayer.

In relation to all other enquiries please contact:

Justin Harkin
Elphin Diocese
Pastoral & Faith Development Services
087 6171526
[email protected]


Number of Places Reserved
(18th June 2024)

05 places reserved
35 remaining


Last Updated:  19th June 2024